Sustainability at Lar Plastics

We are committed to deliver environmentally friendly Heavy Duty Sustainable Plastic Solutions

Sustainability is at the heart of our purpose at LAR PLASTICS. Our products have a clear impact in society and contribute positively to the NEW CIRCULAR ECONOMY. 

We have invested heavily in embedding Circularity in all our products. All are designed to be easily re-purposed into new products through mechanical recycling, so that waste and leakage of plastic is significantly reduced out of the Circular Economy.

At LAR PLASTICS we embrace the common vision and framework presented by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®.

Innovation and the Circular Economy

A sustainable world depends on a “Circular Economy” which is an alternative to the traditional ”Take-Make-Dispose” system.

Our goal is to eliminate waste at all stages of the product lifecycle by optimizing as much value as possible from resources and materials and then recovering and re-generating them at the end of their useful life.

At LAR PLASTICS we contribute to the Circular Economy with 95% of our product portfolio being made of 100% recyclable plastics. All our products are 100% recyclable, allowing valuable resources to be captured by mechanical recycling technologies. 

We design products with circular capabilities that can easily become raw materials for the future and give our customers a safe, responsible and recyclable way to deliver a product to their consumers. 

Innovation and the Circular Economy

Transforming plastic waste into value-added products through technology, design and trash collection cooperatives, enabling our clients to participate in the new Circular Economy.

Innovation and the Circular Economy

Development of large-scale trash collection cooperatives, to transform waste – that commonly ends up in landfills – through research and development, product design and reverse logistics.

Innovation and the Circular Economy

LAR PLASTICS has accelerated the Circular Economy by becoming an environmental agent capable of recycling difficult waste and turning it into High-Performance Post-Consumer Resin (PCR).

At LAR PLASTICS, we are proud to be recognized as a preferred supplier of High-Performance PCR to leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Toyota and Braskemamong others.