Our Recyclable Plastic Products


LAR PLASTICS offers a complete lineup of TRASH CANS to consolidate waste streams efficiently. All of our TRASH CANS are produced with Sustainability and the Circular Economy as a priority, with 95% of our product portfolio being made of 100% recycled plastics.


LAR PLASTICS produces a variety of PLASTIC PALLETS that are light, strong, safe, made from recycled plastic, and are 100% recyclable plastic products. In this way, we help our customers to participate in the Circular Economy and reduce their Carbon footprint.

Plastic box
plastic box


LAR PLASTICS Our Plastic Totes and Boxes stand out for their quality and excellent cost-benefit ratio. They are manufactured in accordance with the main standards of Health Surveillance, meeting all safety requirements. Extremely versatile, our totes and boxes can be used to organize, store, and transport any type of product, safely and practically. Manufactured with Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene, they have high resistance and can be stacked with or without a lid, optimizing spaces and facilitating logistical operations. Our different models include: ALC boxes, KLT boxes, Organizing boxes and the Fish box.

tables and chairs


LAR PLASTICS Our plastic Tables and Chairs are manufactured in a sustainable way using 100% recycled plastics and with high quality raw material that make them highly resistant and durable. Versatile and modern, they are the perfect solution for the Foodservice Industry since they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Check out our Ivory and Topazio tables as well as our Amethyst and Opal chairs. All in stock and ready to go!

The Company

Set up to satisfy all market needs in terms of Waste Management, Plastic Containers, Product Palletizing, and Foodservice furniture, LAR PLASTICS offers an array of recyclable plastic products from Step-on Trash Cans, to Rollouts, wheeled Collecting Carts, Bins, Boxes, Pallets, Tables, and Chairs, with the mission of contributing to society and the environment by being sustainable in renewable sources. Recycling the present, preserving the future.

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